May Stuff

Target Tuesday.  She rocked the hat.  We bought it.  She’ll never wear it again.

Also at Target?  The boys all wore red shirts and freaked out as we walked in.  Not only were they dressed ALIKE, they were dressed like the Target Team.
2014-05-06 11.05.17-2

This is just embarrassing.  Glasses, shoes, ruler.  Where are her CLOTHES???2014-05-02 13.19.02-2

Super Snuggly Cambot3000
2014-05-05 08.13.03

Me:  Is that a birthday cake?
Travis:  Yes!
Me:  Her birthday isn’t for another week and a half.
Travis:  But she loves to blow out candles!
Me:  I can see where this is going.
(Note:  This ended up being the first of THREE birthday cakes.  All pink.)
2014-05-08 20.31.36

Silly girl.
2014-05-10 11.30.17-1

The last few weeks of homework are just brutal.
2014-05-12 14.57.13

About that missing clothes thing…
2014-05-14 20.08.12

And what is with the helmet, except that it matches the Scottie dogs on her jammies.
2014-05-14 21.02.30-2

Random things found on my iPhone.  REALLY???2014-05-14 23.30.53

A few of you will find this hysterical. 2014-05-14 23.43.55

Corn is in season!  Corn every night!2014-05-15 20.33.58

She dressed herself for the gym.  Dress is on backwards, sunglasses are awesome.  When I picked her up, they said she kept the shades on the entire time.
2014-05-16 11.44.21

Travis and I drove to Jacksonville for a demo.  On the way?  We found Waldo!
On the way back?  I hit an armadillo.  They clunk quite loudly.2014-05-19 19.44.24

One more picture of the adorable birthday girl.  So stinking precious.2014-05-20 10.12.11

I have no idea what this is.  I think Riley was doing the 25-item pickup (I have discovered that 100 items can be put away in minutes if four boys each pick up 25 things).
2014-05-21 19.33.26-1

Reagan has learned to cook.  Eggs almost every morning for EVERYONE, and he puts them on a pan on the table and dishes them out.  Always the mac & cheese fan, he has learned to make that, too.  He decided to make eggs for us one night when Travis came home late.  Note the serving sizes:  Reagan had pizza earlier, and Travis had to split his eggs with Caitlin.  Cereal came out shortly after.2014-05-28 21.26.35

On the last day of May, we went to a strange and yet spectacular fundraiser.  Why yes, that’s Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum playing croquet with Alice and the Queen of Hearts!  We had a blast.2014-05-31 14.55.23

Tal got his wisdom teeth out…last step before Invisalign!  On an important side note, CareSync rocked the pre-op AND post-op stuff, and Tal finally started using it :).  It was the first actual procedure in our family in 18 years–we’ve been so blessed!

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