Summer Bucket List

SandBucket Icon-01

  1. Wrap up homeschool evaluations on time this year.
  2. Go to the beach.
  3. Disney!!
  4. VBS at church (Boys).
  5. SummerSing at church (Rs).
  6. Boys want to earn a Wii U.
  7. …and possibly 3DS devices.
  8. Reagan wants to earn an iPhone.
  9. Organize the kids’ rooms. Ugh.
  10. Surprise Mom with an awesome birthday party.
  11. July 4 party.  It’s time for a beeeeeg party.
  12. Go bowling (Camden 🙂 ).
  13. Make breakfast on the grill.
  14. Go camping with Dad (Reagan).
  15. Have a water balloon fight.
  16. Mom & Dad getaway.
  17. Start a book club.
  18. Sunflower maze.
  19. Blueberry picking.
  20. Do something outside every day.
  21. Learn to grill fish and be awesome at it.

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