March 2015

March!  We’ll start with Rs’ art of the month…these were from Reagan (left – of course he was being smarmy) and Riley (right).
2015-03-12 11.30.29 2015-03-18 19.36.03

Some random pics from around the house…isn’t the one of Reagan reading to Cait sweet?
2015-03-01 21.03.10 2015-03-02 14.13.47 2015-03-03 23.07.03

Swimming in March!  Please note that I’m not in the pool.  Brrrr.
2015-03-05 16.28.49

Camden made his first batch of cookies!  He also got creative with a fort.
2015-03-06 19.50.28 2015-03-13 17.24.49

I got this email from Old Navy.  Is this woman being kidnapped?  Did she lock her keys in the car on the floor and had to climb in? The next email I got was just as weird…let me run out and buy that sweater that is covering your face.
2015-03-08 07.25.12 2015-03-20 07.45.24

Potter, Tal, & Reagan got to ride the missions helicopter.  I happened to hear it and realized it was probably them, so we ran outside!  They took some pics from the air, and sure enough, we were there!2015-03-08 16.31.40

St. Patrick’s Day with my ginger Irish twins!  We actually made Shepherd’s pie and some green foods. Of course the girl wears pink on St. Patty’s Day…
2015-03-15 11.05.10-1 2015-03-17 20.52.40-2 2015-03-17 21.06.59 2015-03-17 21.07.05-2

On a random Thursday, we decided to go to the beach.  I thought Clearwater Beach would be fun–grab a late lunch at a fish dive, make sandcastles, go home.  Lunch was terrible.  We took this picture outside and the cranky owner of the scooter here was yelling at us to get outta the way.  Then my phone died. (Why didn’t I just replace it when I knew it had electrical issues?)  Then Tal’s friend showed up and then went off together, but Riley wanted to go with them and ended up getting lost, and we looked for him for what felt like forever. Of course my busted phone didn’t help.  Happily, we found each other, raced to the car, and stopped for extra large sodas for everyone. Reagan apparently inherited Travis’ deep hate for sand.  Next time, we find a small, not-crowded beach, but it might take a while to convince them to go :).
2015-03-19 16.22.57 2015-03-19 16.35.52

Random shopping pics…
2015-03-21 13.42.18 2015-03-21 21.02.38

My co-workers at the office having a serious meeting:
2015-03-24 09.54.42-1

How true is this???
2015-03-25 10.54.07

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