February 2015

February wasn’t the most exciting month.  Sometimes that is a good thing.

More Riley restaurant art.  He’s been making fun thank-you notes on the back of the coloring pages.  I’m always amazed that my kids have more fun with the blank spaces than the organized activities.  I guess they are Master Builders.
2015-02-01 12.19.30

Little Miss is so much fun.  I’m including pictures where she is actually wearing clothes. I finally get my princess to dress up and she prefers a Pull-up.  She also prefers not to “ride the potty train.”

Riding her Hello Kitty scooter with the helmet on in the house, and elegantly waiting for us to cook her dinner.
2015-02-14 20.23.36

Look at this!  They are all playing together!
2015-02-23 21.19.59

The Rs had a really fun day at Gramma’s house.  They went on a photo outdoor scavenger hunt and had a BLAST.  Also told me how Gramma is so much better at things like making sandwiches.  Thought it was fun to see what great pics they took on the iPods!
2015-02-26 13.58.09  2015-02-26 14.03.152015-02-26 13.59.34

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