Caitlin Turns 3

2014-05-17 16.40.33

Hello Kitty theme!  This is a first.  Caitlin had a bow party, then a shoe party.  I’m not crazy about characters, but this was just her style.  Tal loved Veggies, Rs loved Blue, Cam adored Einstein…. Another birthday, another wedding cake.  I can’t bear all the licensed crap.  Sooooo sweet. 2014-05-18 16.45.23 The bow cups with the dipping veggies were the piece de resistance (not to be confused with Kragle).  I didn’t go all out this year, but these were surprisingly easy and fun.  The bow cookies never got frosted, but disappeared quickly, and I’m going to admit that the HK fruit snacks weren’t homemade. 2014-05-18 16.45.30 2014-05-18 16.45.37       Girlfriend made the day really fun.  She flipped out when she saw the pink tablecloth come out, and started yelling PINK PINK, since there is so much that goes on here, but she always owns the pink.2014-05-18 17.02.38 2014-05-18 17.02.32 2014-05-18 16.46.11 We’re so blessed with this happy little girl.  Running around with the bros in the pool was the best day ever.  Don’t tell Miss Jill we used the Al Queda suit.2014-05-18 18.28.36 I set the cake out on the table, took pictures, then put it back in the fridge (safe from Oddjob).  Caitlin completely freaked out, and paced the house looking for the cake.  “I can’t find my cake!”  We finally brought the cake out, and then Travis was missing for a while, so it was time to obsess over the candles.  She is IN CHARGE. Epic candle blowing I try to take a picture of the birthday girl.  She swipes my phone.  I grab an iPad.  This is what we end up with in the Camera Roll.  Taking Pictures The party was Sunday, the actual birthday on Tuesday.  Daddy brought home a THIRD PINK CAKE.  And tonight it was accompanied by yet another Tiffany charm for her bracelet.  It’s so cute I may swipe it. Wrapping up the cake time, but girlfriend isn’t finished.  Riley got this great shot, and I’m convinced it will become more valuable over time :). CaitlinBdayCakeFace Happy Birthday, Piper!

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