Mother’s Day 2014

Since I have five (!?!?) kids now, being a mom kind of defines me.  And I love it.  Almost all the time.  Does Mother’s Day put a lot of pressure on you?  Seems like there are so many expectations that no one really knows how to pull off in real life

Mom came over on Saturday and made crafts with the boys.  Their handwritten cards were hands down the best part of my day.

Tal cooks now.  Thank goodness for Scouts!  Love that he does this.  I had to go and split it up between a couple kids and me…I thankfully don’t have the appetite of a teenage boy OMG.2014-05-11 09.23.51

So a couple years ago we started a new tradition.  Girls only for Mother’s Day Lunch.  Is it SO awful to do this?  We don’t have to cook or clean up, and there are only four of us instead of twelve.  This year we went out to the Oxford Exchange for something different.

I’m here with my almost-twin, Christy.  Heh. 2014-05-11 15.23.18

Whoever would have thought I’d have a mother-daughter day out?  She rocked her LP dress (I’m wearing the matching skirt, because Lilly).  2014-05-11 15.22.10

She is SO CUTE.
2014-05-11 15.24.15

My friend Danielle came into town and was waiting to spend the rest of the day with me after lunch.  For once I had laundry and fridge caught up–what would she do?  Oh, she found $13 in the chair she was sitting in.

What a great day!

2014-05-11 10.34.41


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