Baseball Season

Tal is playing baseball again this year.  I hardly remember a practice or game ever being rained out before, but it has been constant this year.   My dad has been a really good sport–he’s coaching first base (and hauling back and forth to practice).
2014-04-12 11.31.39 2014-04-12 11.15.49The boys decided to bring Nerf guns to the field, and they were a hit.  The girl whipped out a ski headband and threw the crossbow over her shoulder like a pro.  Ready for zombies!
2014-04-12 11.09.57

Apparently selfies are still a thing.
2014-05-19 23.47.42 2014-05-19 23.47.20

Cutest fan EVER.
2014-05-10 13.10.23



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