Bond Ski Adventure 12/31/2013

For Christmas, the kids got things like dorky travel games and thermal underwear. Then, the last thing in their stockings was a New Year’s Ski Adventure!


The response was abysmal. But I pressed on.

I found a cheap rental car, since my dashboard is lit up like a Christmas tree and we don’t have room for luggage. I wasn’t sure if we pulled up to a ratty bar or what.

2013-12-31 00.02.23

The rental is smaller than I expected. Orange Bar apparently doesn’t stock Suburbans. They seriously gave me a car with gas tank on E. No kidding.

I gassed up the car and picked up nutritious Angry Chinese for the fam. Cleverly called it “chicken nuggets” so the picky eaters didn’t need separate take-out.

It’s midnight. My husband is feigning illness, Tal is exhausted from camp, I made Tal stay up and help me, and I feel like a rock star. Car is half packed (I’m the Master Packer) and kids each have (clean!) 4 underpants, thermal underwear, 3 polo shirts, two t-shirts, 2 jeans, sweatshirts, and winter coats. And a charged iPod and DS each. And I fixed the old car DVD player and packed movies.

Surely nothing can go wrong.
Clothes are laid out for tomorrow! And we have socks and gloves ready!


The kids are in the driveway, the car is packed.  Where is Travis?  Oh, we will have Travis drama today.  We have breakfast/lunch (it was definitely NOT brunch) at BE, and finally head out of town.  It’s like 1:00 (plan was to leave by 9:00 hahahaha).
4:00 pm.  We are at a little school in Micanopy (actually think it is not pronounced My Can o’Pee, but who would want to say it any other way?) so Travis can make a call.  That’s right…we didn’t make it to Gainesville yet. Don’t tell him, but we had a BLAST, and it was beyond awesome to have the kids get an hour to run around.

QUOTE:  I’d get gas while we’re stopped, but we’ve only used a QUARTER TANK OF GAS.

Finally napping.

#madeittogeorgia #yetitisnighttime #yeswemissedthesign
Tried to get the Welcome to Georgia sign, but as with all things today, we missed it. This may be the funniest picture in family memories.

Happy New Year from Hotlanta (where it is actually REALLY cold!)
#almostdidn’tmakeit #lastpicof2013 #omgapicnotmappedinflorida

Macy’s FAIL.  Vacation stuff were great Christmas presents, until someone got stuck with an I Stole This tag.

The hotel was awesome.  I thought it would be fun to stay in a big city hotel, and it was a win.  Not a win? Getting in at midnight on New Years’ Eve and asking for two rooms together in a not-partying zone. Big win? The Westin Heavenly Bed.  Ohmygoodness I’m in love.  This is our bathroom–fun bathrooms make me miss my Grandma, who spent so much time primping in them and dreaming of fancy ones.

Happy New Year!  2014 starts off with an awesome breakfast.
#bestkidmenuever #jchristophers
…and some incredible drawings from my talented artistes.  We are amazingly mushy after the harrowing drive.
ski11 ski12 ski13

Subway Surfers!  #marta #didsomeoneseearat?
Learning about Atlanta’s urine issues…
Guys.  That means STOP, not High Five!

We make it to World of Coke.  The stamped coin collector scores!

My darling girl.  I can’t get over how adorable this outfit is.

A marketing staple

Quite possibly the only way I’ll get Travis to Africa

Cheers! Here’s to some ridiculously sugared-up kids.  They loved the USA flavors :).

Coke sampling!  Last picture before the tantrum started…

Camden fell down outside World of Coke and landed on the bag with the souvenir Cokes.  Tal yells, “Is the Coke okay?”

Another Tal tag fail

Travis couldn’t deal with the urinelevator one more time…

Everyone has to go here once.  Bucket list.

Reagan uses my bag to demonstrate how men hold purses.


My sweet Cait

Tomorrow’s forecast:  A snowstorm warning!

A Dashing maniac.  Did he really publish this picture of me?  I wasn’t angry.

Best buds

Ski bunny!  I love this pic.  We ended up losing the little coat on the ski day.  It was just perfect.

…And we’re shopping!
ski34 ski35

So Travis says, let’s go do recon and find some snow. I figure it’s another hour in the car, so Cait and I grab sweaters and shoes over out jammies.  All snow guns are firing!  We haven’t been skiing in many, many years, so it is very exciting for the grown-ups, too.
ski38 ski37

Travis finds it hilarious and decides we’re going to have dinner. Now we are waiting for a table for seven at a nice, very busy Italian restaurant. In our jammies.  Travis is beyond impressed at what good sports we are.  But mostly amused.

They don’t hug this much at home.  We should get out more.

Hot guy in his new ski duds.

It started snowing during dinner.  She loved it!  Kept slipping and sliding everywhere.

At least Riley bundled up appropriately.

Cam was very intentional about building a snowman.  Reagan was VERY intentional about blocking that goal.

Again, one dressed for it…

Snowball coming from behind!  I took another pic of him RIGHT as a snowball was coming at me.  Aren’t moms exempt???

Man down.  Again.

Daddy’s Snow Princess

This one is up to something…

LOL – Caitlin is being picked up again

This guy has retaliation on the brain

1.  It’s been snowing for hours.
2.  My blood is too thin for this.
3.  Wind chill is 5 right now.  FIVE.

Camden:  Daddy really stinks at Tic-Tac-Toe.  I wonder why.

Me:  Yesterday morning was a little hairy, huh?
Travis:  By hairy, you mean wooly mammoth?

Riley:  Camden, you know I don’t have time for jokes.

Riley on skis!  The kids look so cute without poles.  He got into it…

Camden making French fries & with his good sport Dad.  Fries are straight, pizza is pointed toes.


Skiing is fun!  For most of us.

On the way home…we stopped at Chik-Fil-A to let the kids run around (having learned a spectacular lesson on the way up).  Yes, I had to take a screaming girl out of that fun place.

We have a “Waze” to go.  Waze was a really fun part of our drive!

Family road trip, 2014 style

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