Christmas 2013


A wonderful Christmas season!  We started with a trip to see the Tran-Siberian Orchestra (and a lot of hair-flipping) with USF Health.2013CmasTBO


On our way to the Wauchula Christmas parade…Caitlin insisted on adding pearls once she saw her black velvet dress.  I adore her.  After running seriously late, having a frightening vomit threat in the backseat, and various other dramatic incidents, we got to the parade, had a blast, and then went to a co-worker’s home for dinner.  Caitlin fell in love with their little white dog and basically ran the show.

On to another friend’s home for the USF Health party.  So lovely!  I realized we’re not hosting anything this year and it is kind of AWESOME.  I’ll be back on my game next year, but I’m going to enjoy this.
2013CmasTowel 2013CmasUs

Christmas shopping with the kiddos!  Tal bought a gift with his debit card–so grown up.
2013CmasShop1 2013CmasShop2

Holidrama!  Wouldn’t be Christmas without some drama :).

Christmas Eve Angel

Christmas Eve at Church.  Not on time, but we actually got there. It’s way too hot for a coat, but she is going to rock it anyway.

Three generations of girls!

Another rough Christmas Eve photo session.  Not going to try this again, ever.  We either get the shot before we go, or we skip it.  My new life resolution.

Tiny tree.  Everything was supposed to be small this year.  Adorable things from Santa, and we finished right at midnight!

Christmas Morning is such a sweet time.  Travis starts by reading the Christmas story.  With edits.2013CmasDaddy

Reagan is very excited about the indestructible RC helicopter.  It will break in the next hour.

Nothing better than the green box.  So sweet!  Caitlin and I got matching heart charms with our initials on them.

Tal and his games.  Board games are great for campouts. He also got some grown-up gifts…Dad got him some beeee-youtiful suits.
2013CmasTal 2013CmasTalSuit

Camden is excited about everything, even Caitlin’s Belefun game.

Caitlin got a bunny robe.  She took some pictures of Camden and said, “Give Oddjob a hug.”  Love her stance.  The bike is PERFECT.
2013CmasCaitRobe 2013CmasCaitBikeRobe 2013CmasCaitRobePic

Christmas morning videos!

Adorable in her new jammies.

Something looks familiar.  Just realized I had the same bike!



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