Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

We FINISHED!!! It was not very fun at the end, since it was a tough year for all things in the Bond house. Tal did terrific. We had fifty significant books on the reading list, and we tackled all the tough things in math, etc. One thing we did do well was science. We had so many living things in our house! Butterflies, tadpoles (some grew legs, some had scarier endings), more rounds of sea monkeys, we have ladybugs now…who can remember what else. We have a picture here of Bendy, who met a sad ending (see her RIP post below from Tal’s blog). That was another accomplishment–he got the hang of blogging, and taught us all about Widgets and fun ways to make writing um, interesting. Congrats, Tal!


Bendy the Butterfly

Poor Bendy.  There were four butterflies that grew from slimy wormy things.  Tal did all the work, and it was pretty amazing!  We read about the life spans of these types of butterflies, and I realized they didn’t have much longer, so I suggested that we let them be free in nature before they die.  Brilliant.  Tal’s favorite was a butterfly with a bent wing (hence the name Bendy).  We took her outside.  Didn’t fly away.  I suggested maybe she could sit on some mulch and take in her surroundings, so Tal set her down.  In about a quarter second, a lizard appeared from nowhere and ingested Bendy.  It happened so fast we weren’t even sure what we saw.  It was horrific, like a scene from one of those awful National Geographic shows.

Mother. Of. The. Year.  But I still got listed nicely on her obituary :).

Bendy’s gravestone 

Here lies Bendy, Died with a fight with a lizard. 2008-2008 Loving, caring people : Talbond, Mom, Dad. Talbond : Hope you have a good time in Heaven. Sweet Dreams.

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