Disturbing Sea Monkey Adventures

Dad’s Sea Monkey Habitat
In an astoundingly clever move, Tal gifted a very fun Sea Monkey tank to his Daddy. The brilliant move engaged a family member in the Sea Monkey madness, when others (especially Mommy) were repulsed by the entire brine shrimp idea. So far, Tal has also been able to convince his Sea Monkey partner to purchase additional accessories, such as a leash (?) and diamond treats.The beach habitat was purchased on a promise to get a new $0.33 spoon, which is only available online with $4 shipping or at local stores, enclosed with a $10 habitat.

The Sea Monkeys here are about one month old, and we are ecstatic that we can see them.

Beach Tank

Tal’s Sea Monkey Habitat

The Sea Monkeys in our original habitat are a little smaller than those in the beach habitat. They are about three weeks old. You can see some little specks here, and those are them.In about another week, we’ll be able to see them clearly, and two creepy black eyes as well.

We have an agreement here that when the Sea Monkey talk gets out of hand, the rest of the family sings Lance the Turtle. Here is a preview of the Silly Song from Bob the Tomato.

Tal Tank

More Sea Monkeys to Come
This isn’t just a fuzzy picture…it is a close-up of our very first Sea Monkey Mother. There is a gross black sack full of yet more disgusting Sea Monkeys. Really more biology than we bargained for.According to the Sea Monkey hatching temperature charts and the thermostat settings, we should see the new little shrimp in 48-72 hours.

Bun in Oven

Sea Monkey Cemetery
An unfortunate event happened earlier this week. One of the Beach Habitat Sea Monkeys died. Rather than a traditional flushing ceremony, Tal opted for a labeled cup on Mom’s bathroom counter. He is hoping for a miraculous survival. We’re watching and waiting. The normal life span of a Sea Monkey isThe Sea Monkey company does a great job of making the gross little buggers interesting. The web and paper materials are quite entertaining and engaging. Check them out at www.sea-monkeys.com.

Stay tuned for more exciting Sea Monkey tales!



We also had an unfortunate incident with the Sea Monkey aerator.  Someone forgot to blow air out…and swallowed his sea monkeys!

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